When you are involved in a dispute or a lawsuit, it’s like a chess match. To come out on top, you need to know how the other side thinks and stay one step ahead of them.

At Speights & Worrich, we understand how the other side thinks, because we used to be the other side. Before we started representing individuals and small businesses in insurance claims, personal injury matters, and other civil disputes, our lawyers worked for insurance companies and large corporations defending these types of cases. As a result, our lawyers know how insurance companies and large corporations evaluate claims and what makes them pay. If they don’t agree to pay you fairly, we know how to take your case to a jury and win. We represent individuals and small businesses all over Texas and Colorado.


If you have been a victim of insurance underpayment you probably have questions

WHO will pay my bills? HOW can I ever get the damage fixed now? DO I have a fighting chance to go against big insurance companies? DO I still have time?

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