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Most areas of Texas experience hailstorms, sometimes characterized by large hailstones and severe damage. The larger the hailstones, the greater the damage. Hailstones even one to two inches in diameter can do significant damage. Roofs are the most vulnerable, naturally.

Hail Damage Claim Lawyers

Even after a more mild storm, you may have suddenly noticed your roof is leaking. Not only is your roof damaged, but so is insulation and anything the water has come into contact with. Most of these items will need to be replaced. Insulation, for example, won’t just dry out and perform as before. It must be replaced.

Insurance Company Tactics

Your insurance company has a number of tricks up their sleeves to try to avoid paying for the damage their policy should cover. It starts with interpretation of the contract in a way that benefits them, not you.

They will dispute the cause of the damage and as a last resort, the extent of the damage. If the damage to siding, for example, is largely cosmetic, they will deny payment. But if your business property has suffered cosmetic damage, this may affect your business. Our attorneys make them pay.

Talk to a lawyer at Speights & Worrich who knows how the insurance companies work. We worked for big companies for years, but we get more satisfaction from serving people like you, who need help now.

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