“I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are so grateful for your service. The settlement was just great and you did exactly what you said you would do. I cannot thank you enough. This payment will not only pay for the new roof, but it will also allow us to repair some of the other damages to the house and property. You can be sure if we need help in the future we will definitely contact you and we will tell all our friends also. Thanks!”–LC, El Campo, TX

I had severe hail damage on my roof and my insurance company would not pay. With no alternative, I took money out of my retirement fund to replace the roof. Thinking that was the end of the story, a mutual friend suggested I contact Speights & Worrich. Having nothing to lose, I gave them a call. Everything got better after that. A few months later, I got my money back. If I had not made the call I would have never recovered my money. Should I ever need insurance claim help again, I would contact Speights & Worrich. –KC, San Antonio, TX

Working with Speights & Worrich to help settle my home insurance claim was a great experience. I know now that Speights & Worrich is the best and I am a happy camper since this firm took care of me, my home, and my family. If it wasn’t for this firm I would have been left with nothing except a piece of paper saying I didn’t have enough damage to meet my deductible. Many people don’t know that there is help out there, so when I was referred to this firm I got in contact with them and they began working on my case right away. I would refer Speights & Worrich to anyone who needs representation with their insurance issues. Outstanding job Speights & Worrich! –RN, San Juan, TX

Speights & Worrich did an excellent job and I received almost twice the amount I had planned to receive. I am definitely referring all of my friends who need help with their insurance claims to this firm. In fact, they are helping me with my second property. –GP, Houston, TX

A reconstruction expert referred me to Speights & Worrich after Hurricane Ike damages. They responded immediately to my phone call and gave great professional advice and a reassuring consultation from day one. Speights & Worrich made sure I received a substantial financial reward in response to a severe financial problem. Anyone dealing with issues with an insurance claim would benefit from using Speights & Worrich. –SC, Kingwood, TX